Notes From The Lay Leader

Last December, or January the conference offered a course on Single Board Governance.  I thought it was an interesting concept, but was too late to sign up and attend the meeting.  The conference did put the program up on their website with all 12 lectures on it.  I am interested in looking further into this idea and wondered if there were any other members at Nestor who would be interested in exploring Single Board Governance for our church.  This is not an attempt to change how we currently do the church's business, but a possible alternative way to approach out church's business.  Even if some of us think it might be a way to go, the ad council is the final  determinant on how we do business as a church.  If yo want to look further at this method go to this website.

After viewing the course if you want to look further into the idea I would be happy to have you join me as we study the theological and rational ideas about Single Board Governance.


Yes, I do note that the website calls this simple board governance, and the lectures are listed as single board governance, but it is all the same thing



AuthorFaith Galbadores